Company: About

A Little About Us

We're located in fabulous Flint, Michigan USA, and our main offices are in the former Great Lakes Technology Centre, now owned by the IINN conglomerate.

Our intentions are to disrupt the traditional enterprise storage market, and deliver solid products and support. The days of the expensive, proprietary SAN storage array are over. Software-defined storage and ESOS® are here to stay!

The ESOS® Story

ESOS® (Enterprise Storage OS®) was developed due to a need for high-performance, cost-effective enterprise storage arrays. In the fall of 2010, our company's founder, Marc Smith, was heading a project implementing VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) at a local community college. Additional storage performance was needed, and naturally SSD-based disk arrays were the solution. The problem was that SSD storage from the current commercial SAN disk array vendor was much too expensive. Marc turned to open source software for a solution, and found the SCST project. A proof-of-concept disk array was created using Gentoo Linux, the SCST SCSI target subsystem, a bunch of SATA SSDs, and a couple Fibre Channel HBAs. The results were incredible -- an inexpensive, SSD-based Fibre Channel disk array with amazing performance!

It was clear the home-grown Fibre Channel disk arrays were a success, yet the software setup/configuration took quite a bit of work to reproduce. Something was needed to facilitate creating these Linux/SCST-based disk arrays... and ESOS® was born!

The ESOS® OSS project was launched in January 2012: A light-weight, appliance-like Linux distribution that included all of the bits to create SCST-based disk arrays, and could run safely on a USB flash drive, eliminating the need to use any local/RAID storage as a boot volume.

Enterprise Storage OS® (aka ESOS®) quickly grew in both the set of features, as well as the user-base/community. Fast-forward 4 years to 2016, and Parodyne Inc. launched. The products and services that Parodyne offer are only to compliment ESOS®, and not replace or cripple the OSS project. Since the inception of ESOS®, it was apparent that many users desired the backing of a company and commercial support before delving into OSS software-define storage. Our GUI product is a much sought-after tool as well, which provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface, that is capable of managing multiple single-head and dual-head ESOS® arrays.