Powered by Linux

ESOS® is a lightweight Linux platform that utilizes the SCST SCSI target subsystem. The same software that could be running in the firmware of your favorite commercial SAN disk array.

One platform, many options

ESOS® can do it all: Single-head and dual-head (HA) arrays, hardware and software RAID, ZFS, LVM, NVMe flash, SAS HDD's / SSD's, and everything in between!

Open storage: flexible, scalable

Own your storage hardware and get away from proprietary disk arrays. Substantially smaller capex on hardware, and a fraction of the typical annual maintenance cost.

Simple, upfront licensing

Our subscription licensing model is dead simple: License the GUI and each ESOS® server that you'd like to manage, that's it. No feature licenses, or capacity limits!

Performance SDS

Unlike our software-defined storage competitors, the ESOS® platform is 100% block-level storage which gives you pure performance, with minimal overhead.

Linux experience not required

Not a Linux wizard? No problem. Our ESOS® GUI application runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux desktops. Managing your ESOS® arrays is a breeze!

Key ESOS GUI Benefits

  • Manage all of your ESOS® arrays and clusters from a single interface
  • The GUI application is NOT written in Java
  • An easy-to-use interface makes storage provisioning effortless
  • Built-in wizards to accomplish common tasks on hosts and clusters
  • UI even accomodates the seasoned ESOS® professional for advanced usage
  • Includes enterprise support for the GUI and ESOS® platform

ESOS Platform Features

  • Boot and run ESOS® from a single USB flash drive without fear
  • SAN support: Fibre Channel, iSCSI, InfiniBand (SRP), FCoE, and iSER
  • Clustered / high availability (HA) configurations
  • Replication, volume snapshots, de-duplication, and more
  • MegaRAID and AACRAID hardware RAID controllers are fully supported
  • Compatible with most enterprise "tier-1" server hardware